Purchasing Details

Placing an Order

There is a simple online order form that makes it easy to enter items and quantities and let you see your total, any prepaid balance, and order history. You'll have to register first before submitting your first order, but all it takes is your email with no login/password to remember. Feel free give me your order as well in person, by calling (919)357-6034, texting me at that number, or by email to info@boxturtlebakery.com. For milled flour and cracked grains, please check my full list under Grains and Flours and then place your order via the comment field of the application.


Here is the current list of pickup options:

  • Pickup at the bakery: Baked items are available from about 6-9PM on Friday or anytime Saturday. Call if you want to pick-up early to see if it's ready. The bakery is around the back of my house in the Arcadia Cohousing neighborhood.
  • Carrboro Farmer's Marketfrom 7AM-Noon (April through October) and 9AM-Noon Saturdays during the Winter. During Covid-19 Imight not be in my usual spot. Look for my rainbow beach umbrella or ask at the information table.My spot is under the Eastern shelter that is on the far side from town hall. I'm on the East side and the second stall from the gazebo.
  • If you forget to pick-up or can't make it, I will just freeze your order so that you can arrange to get it at your convenience.


The Carrboro market has an ATM on-site. I can also take pre-payments if you don't want to bother having to pay every week and my ordering application tracks and show your ordering history and either current balance or amount owed. Alternative Currencies: I hope to have some options in this category in the future.

  1. Cash
  2. Check (make payable to "Box Turtle Bakery" and mail if needed to 121 Circadian Way; Chapel Hill, NC 27516)
  3. Venmo (My handle is @boxturtlebakery)
  4. Credit card via Square (I can invoice you to but this link lets you order enough $1.00 items to cover your order - round up or down)
  5. PayPal (My email to use to send money is info@boxturtlebakery.com. I am about ready to drop this option entirely as a technical error is preventing PayPal from linking to my new checking account.)


It is sad but true - real food spoils. If the humidity is high in your house, my baked goods are more likely to mold if left for several days in a bag or bread box at room temperature. For my breads I typically recommend just putting a piece of tinfoil on the cut end and leaving it at room-temperature outside of a bag. It will gradually dry, but I find this works great for 4-6 days. For items like scones, tortillas, and english muffins that don't have a crust on them like bread it is better to have them in a bag or container. If it will be more than a couple of days before you eat them, consider freezing them. Putting anything in the fridge is an option too, but it should be in a good bag/container since the fridge is a very low-humidity environment and the items will dry out and they also go stale faster in the fridge because it is the perfect staling temperature. If you store it in the freezer, let it thaw in the bag to re-absorb the moisture forced out of it. However individual items or slices stored in the freezer still thaw and toast up quite nicely. Let me know if you have any other storage tips.